Not Your Typical Dev Shop

We are not your run-of-the-mill dev shop. The fact is, we've been focusing exclusively on JavaScript for over a decade, have a ton of experience building web apps, and build and support the open source tools that power the web. You won't find anyone more qualified.

We're JavaScript Experts

We've been doing JavaScript since before it was a thing and have built almost every conceivable type of web application. We've built frameworks, build tools, and React libraries. No matter the problem, we know how to solve it.

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Focus on Scalability

Our main aim is to minimize total cost of ownership. This means an architecture that is easy to debug and easy to scale, and an application that makes it easy to onboard new developers. We achieve this through building modular components, testing, documentation, continuous integration, and optimized build tools.
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We build tools to fill gaps

Ylem is our solution to state management in React. StealJS is our solution to simple dependency management. Many companies will tell you they've got the best developers, but not many can prove it by actually building open source infrastructure to fill the gaps in the React ecosystem. We don't have to use our tools, but the fact that we have that option is a unique advantage, and proof of expertise.

“Bitovi worked on a unique dashboard and made the app load over 10 times faster while adding new features and making it more responsive to users.”
— Chad Slaughter, IT Engineering Team
“Bitovi's ability to iterate designs almost daily gave us a solid picture of the app early on and allowed us move very quickly on the development.”
— Abdul Anwer

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We’re so confident that we can be effective and quickly provide value that we'll prove it to you.

Give us 30-45 minutes and we'll give you one of our top engineers - we will look at your app, ask questions, evaluate potential issues, spend some time auditing it, and provide you with a report of our recommendations - at no cost.