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Why Yum! Brands Chose Bitovi to Build Its Global eCommerce Platform.

Every day, millions of people order food from Yum!'s four iconic brands: KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Habit Burger Grill. Yum! faced the daunting task of creating an ecommerce platform to support all their brands on web, mobile, and delivery aggregators. To ensure exceptional project management, microservice development, and DevOps, they turned to Bitovi.

"I would absolutely recommend other companies to work with Bitovi. I can't speak enough about the team. They're dedicated, passionate, they roll up their sleeves and dive in and - not just get stuff done, but get stuff done the right way. They knew our big hairy audacious goal to be powering four brands in 50,000 locations in 145 countries. And from day one, they made sure, in partnership with our team, that we got that right."


Scaling Teams & Hitting Timelines

Building Yum!'s global ecommerce platform from scratch was an enormous endeavor. The platform needed to eventually serve KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Habit Burger Grill, which collectively take orders in over 50,000 locations around the world.

And it had to be done while scaling the team to 20x its initial size.

Bitovi helped establish the project's parameters, set timelines, scale the team, and coordinate 15 project "pods" to build various features of the project simultaneously. The Agile methodologies Bitovi put in place was lauded by Yum! as essential for the project's success. 


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One Platform for Four Brands.

The Yum! ecommerce platform was to be built from scratch, which meant Bitovi needed to provide expert consulting on every aspect: tools, pipelines, development, testing, automation, and deployment. 

Complicating the project further was the need to serve four very different brands with different ordering systems. The platform had to support ordering a half-pepperoni, half-sausage pizza as readily as it could choosing sides for your KFC bucket. 

Bitovi helped ensure the platform accounted for all of this as well as local pricing, taxes, product offerings, CCPA/OAuth customer registration, and payments. 


Simplifying Microservices Development

Microservices were the obvious solution to the question of how to build a complex global ecommerce platform at speed - but microservices come with their own challenges. It can be hard to ensure uniform processes across the product if each developer is working on their own microservice.

Bitovi helped build local development environments and an automation that preempted these problems. This automation ensured that every team was using the same processes, making development more efficient and less susceptible to conflict. 

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Continuous Performance

As the platform continues to scale, developers need to be able to make changes and additions easily.

Bitovi helped create a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline that the Yum! developer team says works "almost like magic." This repeatable configuration structure helps the team deploy code faster and easily produce new features that customers are clamoring for.

Finally, Bitovi implemented an observability layer to keep a constant eye on each service's behavior. Any issues are caught and reported to a dashboard where a dev can quickly identify the source and resolve it. 

"As we were starting with the Yum commerce platform, we had a very small team, and we were new to this very large organization with a global need. We needed to scale up, not just in our people, but our maturity of our technology, the maturity of our processes. It started with: let’s find the right partners to embark on this journey with. So I reached out to Bitovi."


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Say goodbye to the mythical person-month. 

Every experienced developer has seen a team become utterly demoralized by unrealistic goals. What you may not have seen - and what Bitovi's experts can offer - is the excitement and invigoration of a team following a delivery pattern that "clicks" together, where every milestone is a victory, and there's a high level of visibility into what's next. Our project and product managers are experts in setting teams up for success without compromising swift delivery. We'll help you choose the right methodology for the project, assess parameters, and set timelines that get you to your goals. Your team will tell you they've never been more productive - or less stressed. 

Design can do more for your app than make it pretty. 

Product design tends to be an afterthought in development, but our experience tells us that folding design into the build process can be the secret to an unbelievably powerful product. Good development will deliver an app that works exactly as you hoped it would. Good design will ensure the app works for your users - and without delighting that critical audience, the product cannot possibly be as successful as it deserves to be. Bitovi can help you leverage design to ensure your product is working toward your largest goals. 

Built the right way. Every time.

Your code is the architectural blueprint of your product, and you want it to be built in a way that can be improved, iterated on, and evolved for the future. Our teams are experts in frontend and backend development, with specialties in JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, and Node.js, so we can help you build that strong foundation. More than that, though, we're experienced problem-solvers and communicators who come with a toolbox of best practices. Our clients tell us our influence has reshaped their entire process for the better long after our consultation is over. 

Smooth deployment - now and always.  

DevOps is like oxygen: you'll likely take it for granted when it's there, but you'll definitely miss it when it's gone. DevOps's job is to eliminate friction and create ease, not only between the Development and Operations departments, but between each part of the product. Our experts do this by establishing a high-level understanding of the project, determining the best tooling and technology to fit everyone's needs, and creating continuous feedback and automations that prevent problems and resolve bugs quickly. In short? DevOps helps your whole team breathe easier. 


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