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We Are The JavaScript Experts

We've been building JavaScript applications and frameworks since before JavaScript frameworks were a thing. People hire us because they have hard problems to solve on the web and we have the expertise to help.

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Our Work Speaks for Itself

We’ve worked on some of the biggest web applications for some of the biggest brands in the world. Walmart, Sam’s Club, Levi’s, Fidelity, Lowe’s... From public-facing eCommerce and SaaS apps to internal-facing data-visualization and productivity dashboards - whatever problem you’re facing, we’ve dealt with it before.

Building high performance by default

We’re obsessed with squeezing every last drop of performance out of every web application.

We actively do research on new browser techniques and incorporate our findings into new OS projects. For instance, here are a few of our experiments:

Typical Page
60 ms
120 ms
240 ms
With Bitovi's Performance Optimization

Open Source Proof

Most dev shops say they’re good, but we can prove it. We build and maintain open source projects that power some of the web’s biggest applications. Whether you’re into the latest trends with React or the longevity of evolving tools like CanJS, our team writes the code that makes the web run. Writing for open source is much more difficult than writing for a single use case. It takes a better breed of developer… and that’s all we do.

bitovi at work bitovi collaborating An app built by Bitovi

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We’re so confident that we can be effective and quickly provide value that we'll prove it to you.

Give us 30-45 minutes and we'll give you one of our top engineers - we will look at your app, ask questions, evaluate potential issues, spend some time auditing it, and provide you with a report of our recommendations - at no cost.