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Angular Upgrades


Keeping software up to date includes Angular. AngularJS has reached end-of-life, while major Angular versions only receive support for 18 months. If upgrading your Angular application sounds like an uphill battle, let us help.


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Working with Bitovi gave us the ability to collaborate, and find the best solutions together. The top benefits of working with Bitovi included access to other services, DevOps in our case, that our tech team was able to leverage, access to engineers involved in the Angular community allowing our team to stay on top of the latest trends, and flexibility to scale the team up and down as needed.

— Brandon Tulsi, Senior Software Engineer, Ygrene Energy

What can it look like for you?

Bitovi Angular Consultants don't recommend technological solutions without a solid understanding of your business and product goals. Our consultants will learn about your goals AND pain points, and craft an upgrade strategy that makes sense for your short term goals and long term software development. 

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